A new design system is born
A new design system is born

A new design system is born

A new design system is born

I've procrastinated too much in the past, having great ideas but not making the time to implement them.
I've opted for designing a new design system from scratch, publishing each step on here and using zeroheight to document the system.
So far, all I have is an idea, that I want to build a simple to use atomic framework that can be implemented by anyone. I want to ensure that the system is built to scale, and has metrics that quantify the usability, accessibility and aesthetics, so I will be documenting the process as I go.


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My Inspiration...

I'll be taking inspiration from many great design systems.
A few top design systems to mention are:
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This is excellent for accessibility and it suits the government websites well as it ensures that information is clear and concise. There are many lessons that can be learnt from the simplicity of the design, the research and experience that has paved the way and the documentation created to support the decisions.
I like the Polaris systems because it is well put together and gives Shopify a unique brand. Most of the style and principles make a lot of sense and Shopify are good at putting reasoning behind their experiences.
SalesForce Lightning Design (especially the tokens)
Salesforce were the original implementers of the design token, and they have grown a very comprehensive design system with clear purpose and direction.
A great selection of components and guidelines with a tile effect that keeps simplicity at the heart of the design, a clean technology focused guide with really well documented patterns and reasoning.
The masters of design systems - this is the guide to their own guidelines. Small but perfectly formed, and named after a delicious treat, what isn't to love about this design system! It's great to see the iterations and how the system has grown through the version control.

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