Figma Plugins

Figma Plugins

Figma Plugins FTW ✌️

This week I saw a post on Twitter asking people to recommend the Figma Plugins that they can't live without, I started down a rabbit hole exploring all the recommendations with the enthusiasm of a toddler watching a firework display.
There was plenty of "Oooohs" and "Ahhhs" when I found something cool and I began to frantically note down everything in Notion so I didn't lose all the ones I hadn't explored yet.
Actual footage of me looking at Figma Plugins
Actual footage of me looking at Figma Plugins
These plugins were were suggested by a collection of respected designers and I can see why! I'd hardly explored plugins as it was a bit of a minefield to navigate, but now I was hooked.
So instead of just nodding sagely and keeping them all to myself I thought it would be fun to publish the list.

Move over Notion - it's time for Figma to make an appearance!

Notion was a good place to start, but then I started playing in Figma with some designs and decided to make a card view of each plugin.
It was a fun project to do at the weekend, but I haven't quite got the hang of displaying it nicely in the Figma Community zone.
notion image
If you are interested in the project please go check it out in the Figma community, I'll add a direct link to it too as it displays nicer when you can set the ratio (which I couldn't seem to do when publishing the prototype in Community)

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